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Humble Pie

When I gathered all of DB’s clothes and tossed them in the hamper, I prided myself on getting chores done so early in the morning.  When I added her sopping wet overnight diaper to the hamper to make carrying everything downstairs easier, I thought to myself, “Way to multitask!  Better remember to take this out and throw it in the trash.”  As I loaded the toddler clothes and the kitchen laundry into the washer, I felt oh-so-productive. 

And now?  Now that the washer AND dryer AND all her clothes are covered in that super-absorbent gel from the inside of the diaper that never went into the trash?  Now I feel like an idiot.

And as all that laundry goes back into the washer for a second time, I’m wondering if I’ll have to rinse every single piece of it by hand.  That shit sticks to everything.

p.s. Does this count as my HAWMC free write?  =)

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After 6 months of not napping…we’re back to napping.  Maybe.  The thing is, I really have no clue what tomorrow holds.  My set-your-clocks-by-her-sleeping-habits child has been all over the place this last month.  Is it the sun coming up earlier?  The endless cycle of colds we seem to pass back and forth?  These damned two-year-old molars (which I heard aren’t a big deal.  Um…big. fat. lie.)?  The dark side of new cognitive and developmental milestones?  In any case, moments like this one today remind me that just as soon as you figure something out as a parent, it changes. 

I hate change.  I fight it tooth and nail and end up losing every time.  You think I would have learned by now to go with the flow, but that’s just not who I am.  I like to know what to expect, because then I am sure to know how to cope.  I make myself miserable fighting for control.  It takes me days, weeks, and sometimes months to lean into a new change and adapt.

I knew before DB was born that this would be my biggest challenge as a parent - letting go of the control and being open to change.  I still struggle with it daily, but it’s a challenge I’m glad to have.  She makes me a better person by shaking my life up a little each day. 

You know what never changes?  How peaceful sleeping children look.  She takes my breath away.

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